Message from the President – June

Thanks again for visiting the site or picking up the latest edition of Parkdale Post. With the summer in full swing, spending time reading – and not outdoors – is a precious thing. Glad you spent at least a portion of it with us.

An enormous thank-you to the folks who took the time to write me with their suggestions for new programming and services the PCA could offer. While the content is obviously anecdotal, it’s such a great feeling to know that there are folks out there who genuinely care about their community and want to make it better.

While the PCA’s formal programming tends to wind down in the summer months, I wanted to highlight two major initiatives that are happening this summer that will be fantastic opportunities to spend some time at your community association.

Garden Speaker Series

All summer, the Parkdale Garden is hosting a monthly Speaker Series, dedicated to educating and exciting new and old gardeners alike with a great team of Gardening Experts. Coming up in July and August:

  • Water Harvest – July 16
    Learn the technology of effective water harvest systems to make the most of our rain patterns.
  • Wild Bees in your Garden – August 13
    Learn how to host these super pollinators and why they are the bees of choice for your garden.

Parkdale Plan

Members of the Planning and Development Committee and the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design have worked on a new long-term plan for Parkdale, featuring amazing reinvigorations of our public spaces, sustainable models for home design and a foundational vision of Parkdale that reflects the changing nature of the community. If you have any questions about the Plan and want to get involved in its next phases, please contact Paul Mercer at .

Thanks again for your time. Hope to see you around the PCA campus (or in the Garden) all summer.

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