In Memoriam – Charlie Miller 1922 – 2016

The Parkdale Community Association would like to thank the Riverside Corvette club for their donation to the Community Association, We will use the funds to plant a tree or bush on the Parkdale site.

Charlie Miller 1922 – 2016. Charlie Miller moved to Parkdale in 1955 with his wife Della when the community was just in its infancy. Charlie and Della became active members of the community, flooding the ice rink, coaching baseball teams and participating in many community events. His two daughters grew up in Parkdale and attended both Parkdale Elementary and Parkdale Junior High Schools.  As the children grew older and the community members started to age, Charlie’s wife Della saw the need for activities for older community members and helped to found the Nifty Fifty’s club.

Charlie is well known for his vegetable garden, which he tended to as much as he could. His crop of peas, beans, tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries, cauliflower, beats, potatoes and more was always a source of pride and joy to him and his family (and made really good meals). Charlie passed away on October 21, 2016. His crop of potatoes was one of the best it had been in years. He was a good man and a good neighbour. He will be missed by many.


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