Parkdale Garden hosts speaker series starting April 16

Our garden group is excited to be able to offer a speaker series that draws on the community of gardening expertise in our city. The series includes:

  • Introduction to the Food Forest – April 16  
    What is a food forest?  How is it different from an orchard?  Why is it a valuable addition to gardening in the city?
  • Soil Biology – May 28  
    What are the soil organisms that offer nourishment to our plants?  How do we keep our soil alive and flourishing so our plants can flourish too?
  • Composting – June 25  
    What’s the difference between good compost and great compost?  What are the do’s and don’ts of making great compost and how do you best use it?
  • Water Harvest – July 16
    Learn the technology of effective water harvest systems to make the most of our rain patterns.
  • Wild Bees in your Garden – August 13
    Learn how to host these super pollinators and why they are the bees of choice for your garden.
  • Canning and Preserving – September 17
    How do we capture the harvest abundance with beautiful preserves for giving and keeping throughout the winter?

All sessions at the Parkdale Community Association from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Speakers for each session will be posted online as confirmation is complete.

The Parkdale Garden thanks the Walmart Evergreen Foundation for their generous support of our Garden Speaker Series as well as our upcoming build, which will increase the size of our gardening capacity by 16 beds.  We are very grateful for the second year of support from the Evergreen Foundation since this continued funding is making possible the steady expansion of this community resource.

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