Garden Build weekend plants seed for new community hub

Several volunteer teams put in hundreds of hours to prepare for the garden build on June 7 and 8.  A construction team spent the 2 weekends prior to the build onsite precutting a SeaCan full of cedar in preparation for volunteer teams to assemble and fill raised beds.  Much site preparation work was done to ensure a good foundation for the elements that were  placed onsite in Phase I.

A volunteer team organized the sign-up for a  large number of volunteers and a food team has been prepared to feed them several meals throughout the work days, organizing menus as well as sourcing a mountain of food.

The Build weekend

This event was a huge success, with a legion of volunteers coming in the morning  and working through the day both Saturday and Sunday.  The work proceeded very quickly and smoothly with groups self-organizing around the tasks and working with an  amazing level of energy and great good cheer.

The organizing Garden Team were astounded by how quickly the ring of beds was assembled and then filled with a mountain of black soil.  We were amazed at how efficient the volunteer team was which meant we were able to add a completed perimeter path and the distribution of a large mountain of clay fill into the utility area.  We were also able to build and install the cedar caps on the beds. Thanks to the efficiency and giant energy of the group this build far surpassed our expectations.

In addition to these elements, a dedicated and creative team crafted a lovely hops garden – a project in conjunction with Village Brewery and ATB Financial.  Thanks to both of them for their generosity in support of our garden.

Our Saturday afternoon work was energized by the arrival of the Calysto Steel Band who played through the afternoon to the delight of all, especially that gentleman with the exuberant dance!

Volunteers’ efforts and community supporters

I want to express my deep gratitude to the host of volunteers who have been working more and more intensely over the last period of a year to bring this project to the community.  By this point,  thousands of hours of volunteer time have gone into this project. These volunteers and community supporters are the people who ‘make it happen’ and our project has been blessed with a host of them. There are no words to express the extent of my admiration and gratitude.

Thank you to our Garden Build donors

We would like to reco
gnize and thank the following businesses who generously donated food for the weekend:

SWY_R_HRZ_CLR parkdale niftyfifties
Co-op Wine Spirits Beer Avatara
tim-hortons-ellipse-logo image_regular

Saigon Star

banner images
 Edelweiss Imports
Jan’s Meats and Deli
Extreme Bean Cafe
Dawn at Shirley’s Growers
Denise and Derek Walker
Bill Biccum
Ruby and Richard Miller
Eva Mah
Sara Olivotto
Audrey Smith
Moira Mathie
Terry Allardyce

2 thoughts on “Garden Build weekend plants seed for new community hub

  1. As a former garden member and volunteer in the very early stages I am SO happy to see the garden started and coming together!! Great work everyone! Wish we were still in Calgary, AB (specifically miss living in the great community of Parkdale!) must come back and visit soon 😉

    Rebecca Dean
    Vancouver, BC

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