Outdoor Vendor Application Form

Market-2Thank you for your interest in the Parkdale Farmer’s Market. The Parkdale Market is administered under the guidelines established by the Food Regulations of Public Health Act.

Vendors shall provide at the time of application, copies of any permits or licenses applicable to the sale of their products. All Farmer’s Market vendors must adhere to the regulations set by the Parkdale Community Association, as well as the above-mentioned provincial guidelines.

Parking is available in areas designated for vendor parking, after vehicles are unloaded.

All vendors must be set up by 2:15pm and tear down must not start before 7:30pm.

Selling of products is prohibited before the market opens at 2:30.

Vendors will be chosen based on the suitability of their products in fulfilling the goals of the Parkdale Farmer’s Market. Vendors and applicants are subject to approval. All potential vendors will be notified of application status by phone or email.

The undersigned vendor agrees to release from all liability the Parkdale Community Association and Farmer’s Market upon such occurrences as:

  • Death or injury arising from any happenings on the grounds
  • Loss or damage to, or loss of use of property located in the licensed area (Market) and/or any part of the Community Centre
  • Death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property resulting from rain, flood, sun, fires, explosion, snow or any other natural or unnatural occurrence during Market days. 

All fees are non refundable.  Vendors who fail to notify the Parkdale Community Association of an absence less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.

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