Construction Pandemonium in Parkdale

With all the sound and fury of a rock concert or a big budget action movie, Parkdale is being transformed this summer through many millions of dollars of ‘enhancements’. At least, that’s the silver lining I’ve tried to find behind the tremendous commotion in our community this summer.

No sooner did the lengthy construction of the riverside “Outflow” project wrap up, than riverbank remediation crews made a thunderous entrance. Tossing boulders back and forth beginning at 7:00 AM each morning, huge machines are reinforcing the riverbanks against future floods.

Riverbank rock project with cyclist-1

If this wasn’t enough, more crews have begun to saw the asphalt and tear away our old and crumbling sidewalks. More trucks. More noise. More dust.

Sidewalk replacement detours-3

Additionally, pedestrians are being diverted onto adjacent sidewalks—if there are any left—by several building construction detours.

Condo roofing sidewalk detour-3

But when you think about the money being spent and the eventual enhancements to our community, it is really quite impressive. Those fortunate to be away on vacation are going to be amazed on their return at the end of the summer.

Unfortunately, for those at home during the workweek, this “silver lining” is behind a ferociously raucous thundercloud!

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