Time to Renew Your Community Membership. February is Membership Month!

Parkdale Membership renewal starts February 1. Don’t forget to renew your membership for the 2021-2022 year.

The Membership in the Parkdale Community Association grants you voting rights during our annual AGM, but more importantly it acts as a gateway into the larger civic life of the citizens in your community. 

  • 1-year Family Membership: $31.50
  • 1-year Single Membership: $21.00
  • 1-year Senior Membership: $5.25
  • 1-year Business/Organization Membership: $52.50

An individual or family membership in the PCA grants you or your family discounts and access to our PCA programs, including:

  • Parkdale Soccer Program – One of the most popular programs in the community with more than 100 children participating, our soccer program is available for children as young as 2 and as old as 15. 
  • Social Events – Each year the PCA holds a number of fun events! A PCA membership keeps you up to date on events and you receive the lowest price for entry.
  • Garden Participation – In operation since 2013, the Parkdale Community Garden is an ideal spot to meet and have fun with other gardeners in the community, grow your own produce, or enjoy the bountiful perennial gardens.  PCA membership is required to join the garden group.
  • Community Rink – Access to our new outdoor Community rink. The rink is open all year round for sports and recreation activities.

 Business/Organization benefits:- 

  • Membership benefits – access to our newly created business directory on the community website and quarterly social media advertisement.
  • Sponsorship benefits – sponsorship proposal that will include all events for the year.

To register for or renew your Parkdale Community Association membership, visit our new online registration system: http://parkdalecommunity.com/about-the-pca/membership/registration/