Calgary Storm Updates

Thursday, Parkdale and most other Calgary communities received substantial damage to trees, power lines and property from the unusually heavy snowfall. Earlier today Mayor Nenshi announced the options that exist so far for the removal of these branches, which you can see below.

Updated 6:08PM September 11: In response to community demand, the following options have been added:

In response to residents, we have contacted our Councillor’s office to help find a solution more appropriate to the larger trees that Parkdale and the older communities have. We will continue to update you via this page as well as social media.

The city continues to update their own page, your best source for up-to-the-minute information. Their statement appears below:

All three City landfills – Spyhill, Shepard and East Calgary – are accepting tree debris from the snowstorm at no charge until further notice. Customers arriving at the scalehouse should identify that they are bringing tree debris and must not mix the debris with any other waste material for it to be accepted free of charge.

Alternatively, tree debris can be cut into 4-foot pieces in length and stacked beside waste and recycling carts to be picked up with regular collection or at a later date, depending on our resources.

To help keep regular garbage and recycling pickup on schedule, and to avoid damaging City equipment, we ask that Calgarians do not put tree debris in their blue, black or green carts.

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