Animal & Bylaw Services Update

Addressing the Problem…

DYK-addressing-webOften times, when members of Animal & Bylaw Services or Alberta Health Services/Emergency Medical Services respond to a call, time is of the essence.

When accessing a property from an alley, the difficulty comes when addresses are not clearly displayed at the back of the home.  It is even more difficult in areas where houses are built in close proximity to one another.

For your safety, please be aware that under the Community Standards Bylaw, your address must be clearly displayed at the back of your property, if adjacent to an alley or public walkway.

Calgary Fire, CPS and Animal & Bylaw Services appreciate your support and assistance.

Be Street Smart Safe

Do you know the rules of the road? Some people might be surprised by what bylaws exist in Calgary to ensure our streets are safe.


  • Hockey nets, ski/snowboard/skateboard ramps and basketball nets are not permitted on City streets, even temporarily.


  • Do not place electrical cords, hoses or chains over a sidewalk.
  • Do not place any material in lanes, streets, sidewalks or City right-of-ways.


  • Vehicles parked on driveways may not block sidewalks or boulevards
  • Do not leave unregistered, uninsured vehicles on City streets or lanes.*
  • A vehicle must be operable and moved within 72, hours or it may be considered abandoned and removed as such.*

*This regulation is a part of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act and is enforced by  the Calgary Parking Authority.


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