AHS Lot 1 Construction underway

On Monday, September 26, 2016, Alberta Health Services (AHS) will begin construction of a new 2,000-stall parking facility to replace the aging parking structure (Lot 1) adjacent to the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) main entrance. The redevelopment initiative will take three years at most.

The new parkade will improve patient and visitor experience at FMC and provide additional parking required to accommodate the construction of the new Calgary Cancer Centre.

Valuable input on the planning, design, and construction of this new parking facility has been provided over many months by members of the FMC Area Communities Working Group, representing the Parkdale, St. Andrews Heights, and University Heights Community Associations.

The project contractor and AHS team are committed to ongoing collaboration with the Working Group, and share the goal of minimizing the impact of construction activity for the adjacent neighbourhoods.

The AHS project team is also represented on the South Shaganappi Area Strategic Planning Group. We will ensure that effective dialogue with community stakeholders about work underway at FMC continues.

During redevelopment of the Lot 1 area, there will be limited road closures within the FMC site. All traffic, other than that accessing the Emergency Department, will be encouraged to enter and exit the site via the 16th Avenue/ West Campus Boulevard interchange.

In order to give patients and visitors priority access to the remaining parking spaces at Foothills, many FMC staff and physicians are now using a temporary 1,200 stall parking lot south of Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Information packages, online resources, signage, and volunteer services are being enhanced to support patient and visitor arrivals, parking, and wayfinding while the Lot 1 area is undergoing redevelopment.

For more information please visit  www.ahs.ca/fmcparking.

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  1. Epic fail for the contractors of FMC when they forgot to do the asphalt properly and have to do it over again. Were both the planners and workers drunk when planning and doing the work? Or stoned? Or both? Stupid

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